The Palms Casino

If historic U.S. budget deficits are any indication, the economy is already “stimulated.” The predicted 2009 federal deficit stood at 8.3% of GDP before Obama’s package sent it to about 12%. This is a stunning level of debt, double the previous post WWII high when Reagan’s 1983 budget deficit amounted to 6% of GDP. How do economists know that, while a deficit amounting to 6% of GDP budget was sufficient to spur the economy back to health in 1983, it will take more than twice that federal borrowing to do the same now? When I feel in a more Cajun mood I can find the special foods I like at Orleans’ French Market Buffet. Since I am half Armenian and half Cajun Louisiana French (and 17% German) I can find my favorite foods in my local area at the Palms, the Orleans and the Gold Coast Buffets. Back in 1997 I tried the Gold Coast Buffet when it was operated in a different area of the casino and was much smaller.

But if the Gold Coast buffet was available in most any other city or town in America it would stand out as one of the most popular restaurants in nearly any other location. The view looks out onto the pool area and Vdara. The seating area at Aria’s Buffet. The Dunes had their Top Of The Dunes buffet on the top floor of their 1965 hotel-tower. At one time the Top Of the Dunes was the most deluxe spot on the Vegas Strip. The Dunes was formerly located where the Bellagio’s Lake Como has its fountians. In January it was forecast by the Congressional Budget Office at .2 trillion. Yet the best forecast currently on the table is the one made by investors risking their own money. This free blackjack game is a great free source of entertainment where you can enjoy practicing and learning the game prior to opting for the real money blackjack version. This game will involve matching of the symbols, using mechanical reels. You don’t need to walk nearly as far to the buffet using this entrance, as you would if entering thru the (eastern) lobby entrance. If you park in the south parking garage you can quickly and easily reach the buffet by using these doors that face Flamingo Road.

Since the buffet is actually on the west end of the building, you can reach it with less walking if you park in the garages closer to Flamingo Road directly across from the Palms Casino. My absolute favorite buffet is at the Palms Casino. This first buffet was called the Chuck Wagon. At the first Strip casino, the El Rancho, guests were provided with a Chuck Wagon station that provided basic ‘picnic food’ like cold cuts and cold salads. The Maloofs, being of Lebanese descent, have a Lebanese Station in their buffet which serves food items that are very similar to Armenian food (being that the two countries were both located close together in Upper Persia). Gold Coast’s buffet is called Ports O’ Call. Gold Coast’s Ports O’ Call buffet is part of same thunder valley casino buffet chain that operates the Orleans, so their experience in high-quality food acquisition and preparation is as good as it get.

The 1941 El Rancho served the first full-fledged buffet on the Las Vegas Strip and set a trend that most all other casinos of the Fifties and Sixties followed. Carved-swan ice sculptures were common in early Vegas buffets. It is easy to park close to the buffet and isn’t a giant hassle to get into like it can be at many of the larger hotel buffets on the Strip. The Buffet at Aria is located in the center of the second floor. This film includes an interview with Dr. David G. Schwartz, head of UNLV’s Center for Gaming Research, and was made with the help of the UNLV Special Collections’ Department . David Backes cut the Stars’ lead to 4-3 when Backes redirected Jay Bouwmeester’s point shot past Lehtonen at 5:40 of the third period. If the Ghost DLC is purchased you are able to gain an unpurchasable third upgrade that is available the first time you access the Clocktower.