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And even that seems less attractive than all the places available on buses now from downtown. Vegas prices are so cheap now and there is still good VP to be found. The Aquarius still has full pay. Even though I could not seem to keep my mind working, I had a fine time. They would not let me take inside photos, even though I explained I was doing a review. At first, they said my voucher had expired, but I showed the book, explained the contest, told them I was writing it all up, and then the chef came out and was as acomodating as he could be. After my last trip I can’t imagine doing more than than riding out for a day, just for a break. We stopped and walked around a really small town on that trip called Chloride. We saw a little old jail in that town. Expect very little of the free buffets. It was such a relaxed visit that we stopped at the General store and they told us where the little jail was and told us we could go inside but please close the door when we were done. Now I would have a chance to see the illumination process first-hand through a visit to the “Illumination Tower”, which is really a former surge tank for one of the now closed power plants that surround the Niagara River.