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April 2014


About Us

Cleantech is a consultancy for Europe’s energy markets.

Who owns Cleantech?

Cleantech is a private sp z o.o. (LLC) headquartered in Warsaw. The company was founded in 2010 in response to an EU directive on energy efficiency, renewable energy and emissions reductions.

What does Cleantech do?

Cleantech provides commercial, technical and communications products and services for a global client base. From a base in Warsaw, we connect capital, ideas and technology to transform Europe’s energy markets by making them more competitive, transparent and easier to navigate.

What are Cleantech’s services?

Cleantech responds to client scopes with custom proposals based on their unique needs. These services are commonly requested:
  • market entry strategies

  • commercial analysis

  • technical consulting

  • public tender participation

  • sales consulting

  • in country representation

Who are Cleantech’s clients?

Cleantech has worked for dozens of clients covering various scopes. For instance, Cleantech wrote a business development strategy for Siemens. Cleantech provides Bloomberg with quarterly data on renewables and oil & gas. Cleantech provided marketing communications for Skanska.

Can I buy one of your data products?

Yes, Cleantech offers two subscription data products, EXPLORER for oil and gas, and CARBO for power markets. Cleantech publishes two magazines: Shale Gas Investment Guide and Cleantech. More information can be found at the links below.

How can I contact Cleantech?

For general inquiries contact info@cleantechpoland.com. To reach an individual, see the contact information given below.

Can Cleantech represent my company?

We provide business development for companies. If you think there is a fit for your product or service, please contact us at info@cleantechpoland.com. Currently we represent the following companies:
Cleantech products

EXPLORER: Oil and gas data subscription

CARBO: Power data subscription

SHALE GAS INVESTMENT GUIDE: bi-annual publication

CLEANTECH: quarterly publication

Parker Snyder
Executive Director

Parker is co-founder and Executive Director of Cleantech Poland. In the U.S., Mr. Snyder trained as a civil engineer with a focus in sustainable development (BSCE ‘03, Purdue University). He worked as an energy rater and technical consultant, before co-founding Cleantech to provide professional services in the European energy markets. Mr. Snyder has lectured in Vienna, London and Doha on Europe’s gas markets. He is married with a son and a daughter.

(+48) 517 469 881

Wojciech Kość
Editor in Chief

Wojciech manages production of the Shale Gas Investment Guide and Cleantech magazines. He is managing editor of data products, EXPLORER and CARBO. For nearly two decades, Wojciech has covered the environment and energy markets specializing in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). He started as Poland correspondent for Transitions Online, and also reported for ENDS Europe and Green Horizon. Mr. Kość has covered the COP, an annual climate conference, since 2008. He has a Masters in political science and a Masters in English philology.

+48 602 458 099

Piotr Wdowiński
Head Analyst

Piotr started working for Cleantech in 2013. During his tenure, Piotr has acquired analytical and managerial skills and a deep knowledge in oil & gas and renewables. Since 2015, he has been head of the analytical department. Mr. Wdowiński has a double degree in International Business Management with a specialisation in marketing from Coventry University in England and Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium (‘14). He plays competitive volleyball.

(+48) 883 307 160

Barbara Marciniak
Project Manager

Barbara manages CARBO and performs power market analysis in Central and Eastern Europe. She is a renewable energy engineer specializing in wind and solar power with a bachelors from Warsaw University of Life Sciences (‘14). She is a certified translator and language teacher in English and German, with a masters from the University of Warsaw (‘11). She started her career in engineering by working for CJR Wind where she assisted the commercial manager with tender preparation.

(+48) 883 307 149

Gabor Chodkowski-Gyurics
Communications Analyst

Gabor’s has a wide and complex portfolio. He takes responsibility for marketing and communications, as well as analyzing the company’s social and business network relationships. What’s more, Gabor monitors public tender announcements, conducts commercial research, and coordinates media partnerships. Additionally, he provides client translation services in English, Russian and Ukrainian. Mr. Chodkowski-Gyurics has a Bachelors in Russian philology from the Jagiellonian University in Kraków (‘15).

(+48) 883 307 177

Grzegorz (Greg) Godlewski
LMKR GeoGraphix Account Manager

Grzegorz is responsible for GeoGraphix, an oilfield interpretation suite. Grzegorz is a trained geologist who has worked in Poland’s oilfield since 2008. Previously, he worked for ENI Polska on their unconventional acreage, and then for Weatherford, providing analytical and interpretative services. He worked across Europe, including Russia, for more than a dozen oilfield clients. He has a Masters in Geology from the University of Warsaw (‘08). Mr. Godlewski is married with a daughter.

(+48) 883 307 178

Damian Kumorkiewicz
Tenaris Key Account Manager

Damian is responsible for oilfield pipe sales for the Poland market for Tenaris. Damian is an oilfield engineer who has worked for PGNiG, Exalo and Weatherford, as well as for ANABEEB in Saudi Arabia. Damian is a graduate of the Akademia Górniczo-Hutnicza (AGH) university in Kraków (‘13). Damian is highly motivated; he enjoys working in the field and has completed specialized training in well-site safety and tubular goods. He enjoys cooking and travel.

(+48) 883 307 179

Łukasz Mazurek
Art Director

Łukasz is Cleantech’s art director. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódż (‘04), he worked for a decade in Warsaw. Mr. Mazurek has done the integrated design for a number of brands, including Bacardi-Martini, HAYS, Toyota and PGE. Mr. Mazurek’s strength is information design. He can take a concept from a rough idea to completion, using skills in photography, DTP, graphic design, vector mapping and offset printing. He enjoys industrial design and architecture.

+48 883 307 173

Natalia Szydłak
Director of Finance

Natalia is an experienced director of finance responsible for bookkeeping and financial supervision. She managed a real estate agency and asset valuation company in Warsaw. She finished postgraduate studies in Public Administration Management, as well as Financial and Management Accounting. She is a licensed real estate broker. Ms. Szydlak enjoys walking with her dog.

(+48) 694 601 658

Tomasz Palak
Construction Engineer

Tomasz is a construction engineer with experience in oil and gas. He obtained a Masters in Civil Engineering from the Lublin University of Technology (‘11). Mr. Palak worked for Chevron constructing and re-cultivating their well sites in Poland. Earlier, he worked as an engineer for Hydrobudowa. He is fluent in programs requiring visual and analytical mastery, including AutoCad and SketchUp. His organizes technical content to be easily understood.

+48 782555185

Office address:

Ul. Krucza 51/31
00-022, Warsaw

November 2015



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